Plus Creative

Joffre & Co. employs contemporary, media savvy & entertainment focused writers, performers, musicians and organizers for a wide variety of creative services to enhance your event and entertainment experience.




Azuure & the Girls Electric

From soulful Motown to sexy Disco, enjoy this sophisticated 30, 60 or 90-minute live choreographed singing performance by lead singer, Azuure and 2 back up dancers. Options include adding a male singer and live band.

Jazzed Over Drinks

Cocktails and dinner should never be in silence. Instruments, with or without a vocalist, set the right tone for your arrival, cocktail interlude and dinner hour.  

We've Got the DJ

Our Party DJ  is equipped with sound and lights to transform any venue into a club scene.




Comedy in Motion

Enhance the main event with three unique client services so that your guests are engaged from arrival to departure. 

Living on Display

This signature conversation piece, once described by a client as "a live window display in the middle of the room", will enthrall your guests during the cocktail hour as actors depict aspects of your theme in silence and slow motion.

Red Carpet Comedy

Entertainment Show Hosts, Paparazzi and excited fans all clamor to celebrate your guests as they arrive at your event to a spectacular Red Carpet Comedy welcome.
This is one of or most popular formats that is sure to set the event off right.


Keep your guests on their toes with undercover comedy. Our incognitos are planted at your cocktail or dinner event with a wealth of guest information and hilarious cover stories that you'll have to hear to disbelieve.  Past client favorites include waiters, security guards and faux experts.


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Writing & Video

Our creative team can turn your ideas into scripted performance-ready live comedy or funny videos. 


Digital Comedy Clips

Joffre & Co. writes and produces digital shorts which can be used to advertise, celebrate or educate viewers about your business. Choose from a menu of movie genres, and we'll take it from there creating a funny, relevant digital video just for you.

A Comedy Caffeine Starter

Sessions starting at 6:30am?  No problem! Get everyone energized first thing in the morning with a powerhouse, showstopping comedic musical number that highlights the main themes of your event. 

Write Amount of Funny

Joffre & Co.'s writing team will help you add just the right amount of funny to speeches, presentations and announcements.