"WE ARE" King David High School

The Stanley Theatre  - Capacity Event


We are equipped with packages of wisdom and love from our elders.
We are family, friends and teachers for life.
We are explorers, learning from every place we visit. 
We are groundbreakers, believing from nothing, there can be something.

We are community, lives entwined, responsible for one another.
We are lions, growing in strength as a pride.
We are grateful for being entrusted with this home.
We are futures, bound by only our own limits.

We are raised to be kind and compassionate. 
We are fortunate to have a country of our own.
We are miracles from an unbroken promise of steps ahead and steps behind.
We are and must always be, King David High School.

Written by Joffre & Co.
Performed by Justine Balin